About Us

Filter Management in Los Angeles and Copenhagen has more than 16 years of experience within the industry of photographic management, photo production and managing creative directors, stylists, illustrators and hair- & makeup artists.

With our deep respect and passion for the creative diciplines, we are adding value to the work for our clients with our talented artists. 

We are working with the creative minds of talents within photography, video, retouching, styling, hair- & makeup, art direction, illustration, set design, props & costume design and interior decoration.

To clients around the world we offer skilled and professional services that covers all aspects of the industry. 

Among these services are:

Production Services, Location Scout & Permits, Model Casting, Talent- & Celebrity Endorsement, Digital Retouching & Post Production, Set Design, Props-, Studio- & Equipment Rentals, Catering, Transportation and VIP handling.

In the ever changing landscape of digital and social media, we also delivers creative content to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. 

Filter Management has offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Los Angeles, California, which makes us the perfect partner for your productions world wide.